Perry's Bait and Tackle

Perry's Bait and Tackle

Postby Jay » Wed Jun 17, 2009 3:27 pm

I was down at Pawley's Island last week and bought mud minnows three times. The first time I made the 10 or 15 minute drive up to Perry's Bait and Tackle in Murrell's Inlet and got three dozen large minnows for $4.00 per dozen. I decided to splurge and also got one dozen of the "jumbo" minnows, which were $6.95 per dozen. They were bigger than some whiting I've caught.

We caught fish but the next day I decided to try my luck at a store closer to the island. The minnows were the same prize, $4.00 per dozen, but most of them weren't much bigger than crappie minnows that I'm used to using. It was hard to imagine a flounder or spottail eating them, and the results were about what I expected.

The day before it was time to head home to Columbia I needed bait again and decided it was definitely worth it to go back to Perry's. With their large (actually "regular") mud minnows I really got into the spottail that day, and If I had spent more time flounder fishing I'm sure they would have worked much better than the little ones for flounder, too. I've always found that a big bait is essential for flounder, particularly if you want a chance at a 20 plus inch fish. In my opinion it is no coincidence that the winning flounder in the Murrell's Inlet Rotary Flounder Tournament has been caught on Perry's mud minnows the last three years - they are the fattest, healthiest minnows I have ever seen in a store.

Eric Perry catches most of the bait Perry's sells himself, and their other live bait selections include fiddler crabs, finger mullet, shrimp, and freshwater minnows and goldfish (for crappie and bass fishermen). Eric and his wife Jessica are always full of good advice about catching fish in the area, and they have a good selection of dead bait and tackle, too. I highly recommend anyone needing bait or tackle in the Georgetown or Grand Strand area to stop by. Thanks Eric and Jessica for offering anglers such a good option at affordable prices!

Big flounder.jpg
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The winning flounder in the 2009 Rotary Tournament - caught on Perry's Mud Minnows

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Frankie Tanner of Darlington with a nice mess of flounder

Flounder1.jpg (265.21 KiB) Viewed 1820 times
You guessed it - caught on Perry's mud minnows!
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Perry's Bait and Tackle



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